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Vegetable Farmer
2007 Asaurus Records.

Vegetable Farmer is the 4th full release by Sinkcharmer. Documenting the transition from full band back to a party of one, the record jumps from the indie pop snark of songs like 'The Devil Got Sent to Georgia' to the full on ape rock of 'Split the Difference'. During the writing and recording of Vegetable Farmer Paul Sinkcharmer began working the soil on his wife's family farm and selling vegetables at the local farmer's market. We'd give you fresh vegetables with this record, but sadly, our heirlooms aren't made to ship well.

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Track Listing
  1. California's Gone
  2. Passing Freighters in the Fog
  3. The Devil Got Sent to Georgia
  4. Half Life
  5. Here Comes the Breakdown
  6. Into the Deep
  7. Kayaderosseras Creek
  8. 16 Lights
  9. Split the Difference
  10. Allis Chalmers
  11. All of the Constellations
  12. Wisdom Tooth
  13. Bury Me in Snow
  14. Trapped Below the Pass

2007 Sinkcharmer